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Volley 151 – A History of Volley Sixes in 151 Teams

Last year, we got a great response to our “Footy 150” post where we gathered up 150 team pictures of our Footy Sevens teams from the past 8 or 9 years and put them together in one post. To kick off the holiday weekend, we’re doing the same with Volley Sixes and we’ve once again trawled all the various storage devices and social media postings we could find to highlight 150 of the teams that have made the last 6 years so much fun. Hopefully we captured as many different teams and players as possible and none of you are pictured with anyone you don’t want to speak to any more! There’s a mixture of indoor and beach volleyball teams, and even the odd ball hockey team* in there (*Just to clarify we mean the occasional ball hockey team, not oddball hockey teams. 🙂 ).
And just to go one better than the footy side of things, we’ve actually made it 151 pictures. Enjoy!
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