Footy Sevens Reigning Champions (Part 1)

This week saw the first playoff games of our Fall 2018 leagues as St Mary’s Eagles and Brazil International claimed their place in the Division A final of the Monday men’s league at Ben Franklin Dome. As all of the fall leagues begin to enter playoffs, and a new batch of Footy Sevens champions are crowned, we thought we’d remind you of the reigning champions, division winners and golden boot winners from our most recent season (summer 2018).
First up are all the award winners from our inaugural season at Immaculata High School. (Part 2 featuring the champions at other venues will be online later this week)

Noobs with Attitudes

Monday Men’s League

Champions – Division 1 1910 Roadmen
Champions – Division 2 Racoons
Champions – Division 3 WLS FC
Golden Boot – Division 1/2 David Suatac Peaches FC
Golden Boot – Division 3 Joseph François Tagne WLS FC

The Gals

Tuesday Women’s League

League Champions The Gals
League Golden Boot Mirja Rotzoll Fancy Footys

Break em and Fix em

Tuesday Men’s League

Champions – Division A Dirty Birds
Champions – Division B Kerala United
Champions – Division C Sporting Wood
Golden Boot – Division A Justin Sweeney Ottawa Fire
Golden Boot – Division A Sefton Hyde-Clarke Killer Bees
Golden Boot – Division B Harman Singh The Invincibles
Golden Boot – Division B Tino Basiala european all stars
Golden Boot – Division C Bruke Russom Sporting Wood
Xsporting FC

Wednesday Coed League

Division A – Playoff Champions XSporting FC
Division B – Playoff Champions ABCDE FC
Division A – Female Golden Boot Mallory Kroker Superfriends United
Division A – Male Golden Boot Haydn Morton Superfriends United
Division B – Female Golden Boot Kate Herauf Sausage Lynx
Division B – Male Golden Boot Delroy Henry Sausage Lynx


Thursday Coed League

Champions – Intermediate A/B Flamingoals
Champions – Recreational A Noobs with attitudes
Champions – Recreational B Break em n Fix em
Golden Boot – All Divisions (Female) Julie Wilson Break em n Fix em
Golden Boot – Intermediate A/B (Male) Elias Abawary Angels FC
Golden Boot – Recreational A (Male) Jonathan Raies Noobs with attitudes
Golden Boot – Recreational B (Male) Marc-André Henrie Break em n Fix em

Sun Individuals B

Friday Coed

Champions – Intermediate Racoons
Champions – Recreational Green Eggs and Ham
Golden Boot – Intermediate (Female) Angelica Ferrante All Blacks United
Golden Boot – Intermediate (Male) Frank Toste Dynamic FC
Golden Boot – Recreational (Female) Amélie Deschamps Green Eggs and Ham
Golden Boot – Recreational (Male) Rodrigo Lima Green Eggs and Ham

Cheap and Dirty Ones

Sunday Coed

Champions – Intermediate Cheap and Dirty
Champions – Recreational A/B Allez lez Blue Team
Golden Boot – Recreational (Male) Seagulls FC
Golden Boot – Intermediate (Female) Allyson Tremblay Mambas FC
Golden Boot – Intermediate (Male) Kieran Delamont Rhinos FC
Golden Boot – Recreational (Female) Casandra Gratton Allez lez Blue Team
Golden Boot – Intermediate (Male) Nitish Malhotra Greenbacks

Mediocre Story Tellers

Sunday Men’s

Champions – Intermediate Mediocre Story Tellers
Champions – Recreational Sunday Summer Mens @ Immaculata – B
Golden Boot – Intermediate Ahmed Saleh Legion X
Golden Boot – Recreational Ahmed Shibli Remontada

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