Post Shutdown Soccer – In Photos

It was amazing to be back on the field this week after a 4-month shutdown. We loved seeing so many familiar faces that we hadn’t seen for a while, but things looked pretty different out there with new protocols, procedures and game rules to keep everyone safe.

We’ve put together some photos below of some of the changes and how things look at the field.

Everyone has been patiently waiting outside of the field until the previous teams have left in order to keep groups separate.
We are checking everyone in before they enter. No one comes in unless they are on the roster, we have contact details for potential contact tracing and have signed the waiver.
The refs are using electronic whistles and doing their team talks in masks to guide players through the new rules.
Our own, sanitised balls are being used in every game and the trusty spray bottle has become an essential part of the refs’ equipment.
Headers are out, spitting is banned, no aggressive marking and no throw-ins or touching the ball with your hands are some of the rule changes that are helping to reduce the risk.
Designated bench areas are marked out with cones to give plenty of room to socially distance and keep space between teams.
We left the middle field empty for our opening matches to make sure everyone had plenty of space and we checked our procedures were working well.
High-fives and handshakes are also out at the end of the game: we’re all acknowledging our opponents from a safe distance.
After the game, teams are grabbing their things and leaving by a separate exit before the next group of teams come in.

It might look as if there were a lot of procedural changes, but everyone was very receptive and helped to make sure everything went smoothly. And, of course, the reason everyone is here is to play soccer and there was plenty of impressive, not so impressive and downright rusty soccer played too.

We still have a couple of spaces available for you to get back to playing just now. This is the last chance for teams or individuals to sign up and get back on the field before the September leagues start.

You can find full details of all of the leagues and register at the Ottawa Footy Sevens website.

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