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Incredibly, we are almost at the end of our first ever league seasons at the Immaculata High School field, with the Tuesday Women’s, Wednesday Coed and Thursday Coed leagues finishing their seasons this week. Over 1,000 players joined us at Immaculata HS this season along with over 1,000 kids from Immaculata High School, other schools and the community users, runners and joggers. It’s been amazing to see so many people benefit from access to the top-class facilities in central Ottawa. Thank you to everyone that has used the field or the track so far.

Opening Night at Immaculata High School

We’ll be posting our gallery of photos from earlier in the season over the next few days, and we’ll start with opening night: Tuesday the 4th of September. The first ever Footy Sevens games on the field were from our Tuesday Men’s league and Dirty Birds and The Goats got the ball rolling in the first game to kick-off on the field. Since then the season has gone in divergent directions for the teams, with Dirty Birds currently sitting 3rd from top of the highest division, and The Goats sitting 3rd from bottom in the lowest division!

Fall and Winter Indoor Leagues

For teams and players looking to play through the Ottawa winter, you can find our full range of fall and winter indoor leagues at the Footy Sevens website. Team and individual spaces are available and leagues begin throughout November.
Update 23/10/18: We’ve just added the gallery from the Thursday Coed League
Update 24/10/10: The gallery of photos from the Tuesday Women’s League has just been added: congratulations to The Gals who became the first-ever team to be crowned league champions at the Immaculata High School field. They came out top in a classic final against the Goaldiggers, reversing their 4-3 scoreline for earlier in the season.

Tuesday Men’s League at Immaculata HS – Summer 2018

Thursday Coed League at Immaculata HS – Summer 2018

Tuesday Women’s League at Immaculata HS – Summer 2018

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