Kicking Cancer's Butt 9

Kicking Cancer's Butt breaks the $100,000 barrier

Kicking Cancer's Butt 9
The games have been played, the trophies presented and the donations tallied . . . Kicking Cancer’s Butt 9 raised $12,125 yesterday. This takes the total raised over the past 9 years of the tournament to an amazing $101,000 donated to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, all raised by our group of 7v7 soccer players and their friends and families. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who played and donated yesterday for once again making the tournament such a great success.

From $2,000 to $100,000 . . .

When we first decided to run a charity tournament about 9 years ago, we thought that, if things went well, we might be able to raise a couple of thousand dollars for the foundation. We are really happy to say that we massively underestimated the generosity and enthusiasm of you all and we are humbled by and thankful for all of your efforts.
Whether you are a Footy Sevens regular, or just entering the tournament for the first time, we appreciate your contribution no matter how big or small. We’d also like to thank our referees (a selection of just some of Footy’s finest can be seen below) who have donated their time for every game of every tournament so far. And don’t forget, we can still take last minute donations at the tournament donation page.
We’ll post another blog with the round-up of what happened on the field along with the photos and hopefully some video over the next few days once we get a chance to edit them. But for now, thank you once again . . .we may have said that about 5 times in the past couple of paragraphs but we still haven’t said it enough. Quite simply, you guys rock!

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