Footy Sevens Blood Drive

Our small community of Footy-faithful have been charitable all-stars for the past few years, giving generously to help those in need in Ottawa.
When we asked you to give money, you came through, raising over $100,000 for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation through the Kicking Cancer’s Butt tournaments.
When we asked you to give food, you gave, donating hundreds of non-perishable food items during our various food drives for the Ottawa Food Bank.
Now we are going to come back to you once more to give something even more essential to those in need: we are going to ask for your blood!
We are teaming up with Canadian Blood Services in Ottawa for our first annual blood drive. Join the Footy Sevens staff and officials on September 26th or 27th to donate a pint of the red stuff. We’re hoping to give those of you who already give blood a little nudge to come and make another appointment. Hopefully we can also encourage some of you who have never got around to giving blood to become new donors and come along for the first time to give something that costs nothing but could literally be a lifesaver for someone.
How to Donate to the Footy Sevens Blood Drive

We will be sponsoring the clinic during the following hours:
Wednesday, September 26th from 3:30pm – 7:30pm or
Thursday, September 27th from 10:00am – 4:00pm.
The clinic is at Canadian Blood Services, 1575 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, K1Z 7M3
To join us and donate, contact Canadian Blood Services at: or call 1888 2 Donate (236-6283)
and book an appointment during one of the times listed above.
When you arrive for your appointment, just like one of your footy evenings, Matt will be there to welcome you and make sure you know where you are going. As well as being a regular blood donor, Matt volunteers at the clinic each week so you are in good hands!
Even if you can’t make it on one of those two days, you can still help us reach our target of 100 donations annually! Even if you are booking for different date, your donation can count towards our yearly target. You will need to fill out a quick form here.  And, enter in our Partner ID # of OTTA359861
Many of us claim to leave it all on the field and give blood sweat and tears for our team each week. Please go that one step further and give blood for real when it really counts. (We’ll probably pass on the sweat and tears in this instance, though!)
Useful Links:

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