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Soccer Golf Hole 4

We’ve had a blast at the first few sessions of soccer golf with the course record lowered twice in the first few rounds: can anyone topple Nick Labelle’s 4 under par?

It’s definitely different to our standard leagues but the soccer golf, adult training sessions and soccer skills shoot-out have proven to be a welcome return to the field for many of you. We’ve just posted this week’s schedule and you can register to either play together as a group of 4 or sign-up as an individual. Check out the Footy Sevens pickup soccer website for full details.

Some of you weren’t even too sure what soccer golf was at first. It’s basically the same idea as golf: play the ball to the flag in as few shots as possible and try to get the lowest score that you can. Only this time kicking a full size soccer ball instead of hitting a golf ball with a club. The course we’ve designed at Immaculata includes long and short holes, dog-legs, hazards and high risk, high reward shots, just like the real thing. And just like real golf, the number of “unmissable” putts we’ve seen has been surprising.

Here is the leaderboard so far from the first few rounds played.

Some of you have already been out to play it two or three times. Practice makes perfect, as most people shaved a few strokes off their best on their 2nd attempt but we’ve only posted one round per person below.

PlayerBest Score
Nick L.29 (-4)
Marcos Q29 (-4)
John J.30 (-3)
Krystina31 (-2)
Matt Sh.31 (-2)*
Adel33 (E)
Matt Sa.33 (E)
Patrice33 (E)
Dan P.34 (+1)
Andrew P.35 (+2)
Max K36 (+3)
Chris S.36 (+3)
Seb36 (+3)
Shelby R.36 (+3)
Simon K.38 (+5)
Ray K.43 (+10)
Thao47 (+14)
Bill52 (+19)

Last Updated: Sunday June 21st

Soccer Golf Hole 7

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