2019 Roll of Honour – Part 5, Winter 2020

Unathletico Madrid

Longer than Lord of the Rings, but shorter than Star Wars, we’ve reached the 5th and final installment of our Roll of Honour. Let’s call it “The Return of The Fellowship of the Last FootyWalker Striker’s Back“. A long title we know, but it’s still shorter than some of Seb’s “Get Schwifty” team names. So its got that going for it.

We’ve already published the previous 4 instalments for fall 2019, summer 2019, spring 2019 and volleyball.

You can register for Spring 2020 soccer, volleyball and flag football over at the Footy Sevens and Volley Sixes website. Don’t forget that you can register with confidence despite the COVID-19 measures in Ottawa. If we are forced into changes to the spring league that you register for that don’t suit your team, we’ll issue a full refund.

Pasta Ball

Friday Winter Co-Ed @ uOttawa / Immaculata

Champions – Division AMo Salah Mo Problems
Champions – Division BPasta Ball
Best of the Rest WinnersGeneric F.C.
Top Female Scorer Div ATeejay Bakare Cash Me Offside Howbowdat?
Top Female Scorer Div BVianca Menendez United in Blue
Top Scorer Div AAmani Wendo Cash Me Offside Howbowdat?
Top Scorer Div BAhmad Abu Lebdeh Jaguars
Killer Bees

Friday Winter Mens @ uOttawa / Immaculata

League ChampionsKiller Bees 1
Division B1 WinnersFury FC Supporters
Division B2 WinnersMarastaks
Division C WinnersAnimal Farm
Division A Top GoalscorerTyler Swan Killer Bees 1
Division B1 Top GoalscorerChris Scheitterlein Fury FC Supporters
Division B2 Top GoalscorerAndrew Topham Bears
Golden Boot – All DivisionsFrank Toste Animal Farm (Div 3)
Fury FC

Sunday Winter Co-Ed @ BFD

Champions – Sunday BFD ChampionshipScrambled Legs
Golden Boot – Sunday BFD Championship (Male)Ventura Tshilombo GrASSkickers
Golden Boot – Sunday BFD Championship (Female)Anyssa Dinardo The Surpims
Indies A

Sunday Winter Co-Ed @ Gloucester

Sunday SuperLeagueNick Pics
Golden Boot (Female) – Sunday SuperLeagueShelby Raven Nick Pics
Golden Boot (Male) – Sunday SuperLeagueNick Gervais Ray FC
Flying Dutchmen

Sunday Winter Co-Ed @ uOttawa / Immaculata

Champions – Division AFlying Dutchmen
Champions – Division BSpice Girls
Champions – Division CFlaming Hot Cheetos
Champions – Division DFlaming Hot Cheetos
Golden Boot – Division A (Male)Brandon Jogai Flying Dutchmen
Golden Boot – Division A (Female)Natasha Hughes Misfits
Golden Boot – Division B (Female)Jess Ferguson Spice Girls
Golden Boot – Division B (Male)Alex Shearman Land Sharks
Golden Boot – Division C (Male)Mirko Tabori Greenbacks
Golden Boot – Division C (Female)Carolyne Audet Greenbacks
Golden Boot – Division D (Male)Dicko Cheikh Ahmed The Kickin’ Chickens
Golden Boot – Division D (Female)Danielle Lee K.I.O.S
Kroos Control

Sunday Winter Mens @ uOttawa / Immaculata

Champions – Division 1Kroos Control
Champions – Division 2Plastic Sizzle
Golden Boot – Division 1Chris Golle Legion XII
Golden Boot – Division 2Trevor Hache Plastic Sizzle
Golden Boot – Division 2Simon Somerville Plastic Sizzle
Plastic Sizzle

Monday Winter Co-Ed @ Gloucester

Champions – Division AMagpies
Champions – Division BCereal Killers
Champions – Division CPurple Cobras
Champions – Division DGoon Squad
Golden Boot – Division A (Male)Greg White Squad Goals
Golden Boot – Division A/B (Female)Kristy Conners Cereal Killers
Golden Boot – Division B (Male)Ahmed Saleh Get Schwifty IX
Golden Boot – Division C (Male)Zackary Thibault This is for sure the one
Golden Boot – Division C/D (Female)Lindsay Ellis This is for sure the one
Golden Boot – Division D (Male)Evan Sansom-Gill The A-Team
Los Gallacticos

Monday Winter Co-Ed @ uOttawa / Immaculata

Champions – Division ALos Galacticos
Champions – Division BCobra Kai
Champions – Division CPathetico Madrid
Champions – Division DLos Primos
Golden Boot – All Divisions (Female)Melissa Stapleton Shoots First
Golden Boot – Division A (Male)Vicent Cyr Los Galacticos
Golden Boot – Division B (Male)Yann Dika Yellow Cards
Golden Boot – Division C (Male)Alex Artigas Pathetico Madrid
Golden Boot – Division D (Male)Luc Sigouin Arse-n-all
Cobra Kai

Monday Winter Mens Lates @ BFD

League Champions Div ASt Mary Eagles 1
Div B Playoff WinnersMarcelona C.F.
Div C Playoff WinnersWinter Blues
Best of the Rest Playoff WinnerRSFC_WINTER_2019
Joint Top GoalscorerJustin Lafleur Riverside FC
Joint Top GoalscorerZizo Al-Daqqaq Marcelona C.
Is It In Yet?

Wednesday Winter @ uOttawa / Immaculata

Champions – Division 1Is It In Yet
Champions – Division 2UnAtlético Madrid
Champions – Division 3White Sharks
Champions – Division 4Messi Bunch
Golden Boot – Division 1 (Female)Lia Taha Cheng Is It In Yet
Golden Boot – Division 1 (Male)Ignacio Chiazzo Game of Throw-Ins
Golden Boot – Division 2 (Female)Brianne Roberts Deadlier Panthers of Death
Golden Boot – Division 2 (Male)Marco Da Silva UnAtlético Madrid
Golden Boot – Division 3 (Male)Atul Arora PwC Scrappers
Golden Boot – Division 3/4 (Female)Sarah Abbas Les Honey Badgères
Golden Boot – Division 4 (Male)Toren Waitman Les Honey Badgères
First Past The Post

Wednesday Winter Co-Ed @ Gloucester

Champions – Division 1LR Rebelles
Champions – Division 2FPTP26
Champions – Division 3Lannistrikers
Champions – Division 4Bandits
Golden Boot – Division 1 (Female)Shelby Raven For Fuchs Sake
Golden Boot – Division 1 (Female)Brigit Desjardins For Fuchs Sake
Golden Boot – Division 1 (Male)Tarik Liousfi For Fuchs Sake
Golden Boot – Division 2 (Female)Dana Fleming FPTP 26
Golden Boot – Division 2 (Male)Amadou Coulibaly FPTP 26
Golden Boot – Division 3 (Female)Larissa Woods Noxious Weeds
Golden Boot – Division 3 (Male)Alex Pozzebon Lannistrikers
Golden Boot – Division 4 (Female)Julie Garneau Not Red Anymore
Golden Boot – Division 4 (Male)Tolga Saatcioglu Not Red Anymore
Get Schwifty itu Tala: Solenya III – Finale – “Death Is Only The End If You Assume The Story Is About You”

Thursday Early Spring 90s @ Immaculata

ChampionsGet Schwifty itu Tala: Solenya III – Finale
Golden Boot (Male)Kai Cheng Spice Girls (“A Carl Haworth Tribute”)
Golden Boot (Female)Allyson Tremblay Get Schwifty itu Tala: Solenya III – Finale
For Fuchs Sake
Los Primos

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