Immaculata High School track and field.

On Track! Update #5

Great news on the renovations of our new home at Immaculata High School in central Ottawa. The turf is now completely finished: all of the lines and the logo is in place, the sand and rubber infill have been added and the field groomed to perfection. We walked the field this morning and it is an absolutely fantastic surface. A beautiful venue for the beautiful game.
We aren’t quite ready to host games there yet though, as there are no goals yet (they are on their way) and we won’t be able to use the field until the running track is complete. The good news is that the base layer of the track has been laid (it is a springy black rubbery layer on top of the asphalt) and it now just needs the top layer and the track lines to be added. Painting the lines on the track is actually an extremely precise job and requires and expert group to complete it. The crew that painted the track lines on the track at our field down in the GTA had their work in Brampton sandwiched in between track painting in Columbia, Singapore, Vancouver and Bahrain!
New grass has been laid around the field, and the sod has started to take root. Although all of the existing trees on the property have been maintained, there’s also be an additional 50 cedar trees added along the south side of the field.
There is still some netting to be be put in place, including the divider netting between the 7-a-side fields, but everything is on track so far for the field to be ready for play by mid-August, with time to spare before the start for the first of our Immaculata HS league on August 24th.

Our summer league options at the new field:
Click here for the full list of leagues and details


  • Mondays at Carleton U/Immaculata HS
  • Wednesday at Immaculata HS
  • Thursday at Immaculata HS
  • Friday at Immaculata HS
  • Sunday Afternoons at Immaculata HS


  • Friday Evenings at Immaculata HS


  • Tuesdays at Immaculata HS


  • Monday at immaculata HS
  • Tuesday at Immaculata HS
  • Sunday at Immaculata HS


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