The Lights are On . . .But Nobody's Home (yet!). Update #6

New Turf Field at Immaculata High School
We had the lights on for the first time at the new field a couple of days ago and it looks incredible. The track is also now finished: the lines were painted yesterday. The renovations to the field and track are more or less complete . . . however we aren’t quite ready to start hosting games there yet. It’s coming soon though!
We still have to make some small adjustments to the intensity of each individual fixture, to make sure the light levels are even throughout the field but contained within the field area. The eagle eyed among you may have spotted there are no goals on the field at the moment. That’s one of the few things we still have to do such as assembling the goals and putting up the divider nets between the fields.
The field will be ready for games, and registration for full teams or for individuals is available for all of our leagues at Immaculata High School. They’ll be kicking off within the next few weeks and you can be one of the first to join us on the newest, premium place to play in 7-a-side soccer in the centre of the city. See below for all of the options for September and October.
Our summer league options at the new field:
Click here for the full list of leagues and details


  • Mondays at Carleton U/Immaculata HS
  • Wednesday at Immaculata HS
  • Thursday at Immaculata HS
  • Friday at Immaculata HS
  • Sunday Afternoons at Immaculata HS


  • Tuesdays at Immaculata HS


  • Monday at immaculata HS
  • Tuesday at Immaculata HS
  • Sunday at Immaculata HS


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