Have West Brom Snatched the "Worst Mascot Ever" Title?

A couple of years ago Scottish side Partick Thistle made headlines around the world with a mascot that people described as anything from “terrible” to “terrifying”. The new season in the English Championship got off to a flyer today with West Bromwich Albion unveiling an even more bizarre mascot . . . what appears to be a semi-cuddly furnace???
Yes. That’s right. A furnace. Or perhaps a combination boiler as it would be called in the UK. Just like Partick Thistle’s jaw-dropping “Kingsley“, the catalyst for the imaginatively titled “Boiler Man” is a new sponsor. In this case, new sponsor “Ideal Boilers”
Perhaps it’s the start of a new trend, opening up a whole new frontier for mascot designers: “Things Found in Your Basement”. It would free them from the cliches of cute, anthropomorphic animals. We look forward to “Ole Leaky, the rusty fridge” “Dusty, that box we can’t quite remember what’s in it“, “Glenda, the 28-pack of Costco toilet roll” and of course “Cat Litter Tray Man” coming to a stadium near you.

Mascot for Footy 7s Leagues at Immaculata High School?

Sadly we don’t have an original new mascot planned the new field at Immaculata High School. We’ve got some off-cuts of turf available so we might go as far as wrapping Matt up in a roll of the green stuff and having him wobble about the field scaring kids and and adults alike.
If you would like to get an awkward selfie taken with Matt wearing a roll of turf, or even just fancy playing soccer on Ottawa’s newest and best outdoor 7 vs 7 fields, you can find details of team and individual registration over on the Footy Sevens website.
Ottawa Footy Sevens at Immaculata High School

Partick Thistle mascot

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