Opening Night at Bentley Fieldhouse

Its not often that we launch at a new venue in Ottawa, but we were delighted to get our first games under our belt at the Functional Training Academy’s Bentley Fieldhouse location. We’ve got an amazing mid-week slot with all early games (no 10pm or 11pm games) and we kicked off with our initial league games and a couple of pick up games.
You can find a gallery of images from opening night below.

5-a-sides vs 7-a-sides

The fields are purpose built for 5-a-sides and straight away it’s clear that it’s a different dynamic to 7-a-sides. The field is obviously a bit smaller than 7s and it calls for all team members to be on their toes at all times. The teams that really master 5-a-sides soon learn that quick, crisp, short passes are the way to go, keeping the ball moving between players rather than holding onto the ball. The games moves from end to end really quickly too, more like a game of basketball than standard soccer and all players are always involved at all times. Some players and teams adapted very quickly, while others look as if it may take them a game or two to get used to the new style.
Our two indy teams got the ball rolling with team B gelling a little more quickly to see off team A. Footy Sevens stalwarts Get Schwifty were on top from the beginning and rolled over First Past the Post in the second game of the evening. Meanwhile we had a couple of pick-up games running on the other field at 7pm and at 8.30pm, so it was a busy night all round. Despite a very even start to the game, the Degenerates proved to strong for the Ballhandlers in the final game of the evening and eventually cruised to victory.

Three great ways to play at the new venue!

If you want to join us at Bentley Fieldhouse, we still have room for another team and individual or two for the Tuesday evening league. Don’t forget, there are no late games in this league, with 6,7, 8 and 9pm kick-offs only.
Alternatively you can also sign up for one of this week’s two Tuesday evening pick-up games or join us a week on Sunday for the first of our weekly one-day tournaments. Each weekly tournament will guarantee each team at least three and as many as 5 twenty-minute games and be wrapped in within a 2 hour window early on a Sunday evening. You can find full details over at the footy sevens website.


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