Footy 150

Footy Sevens may not have quite as long a history as Canada, but we have certainly been around for a while. Last month saw Ottawa letting its hair down with all of the Canada 150 celebrations, so we thought that this month we’d take a walk down memory lane with a gallery of 150 of the awesome teams that have made the last 8 years so much fun. We trawled through our social media, websites and semi-forgotten SD cards to dig out 150 teams ranging from early 2010 right up to a few days ago. Have a spin through the gallery and you may stumble upon days of glory, teammates you wish were still around and hairstyles you would like to forget.
It starts with what we think is probably the first ever picture of arguably our most photographed team, The Killer Bees and meanders through the history of Footy Sevens teams in no particular order. Apologies to those of you whose teams aren’t included. We discovered we have amassed enough team groups to publish another 2 or 3 of these galleries!
And of course, if you still want to add another chapter to your team’s Footy Sevens history, we still have spaces available for registration in our upcoming late summer/early fall leagues. Tuesday indoor coed and Friday outdoor men’s and coed start this week and we still have space for a few more teams or individuals. Later this month and early in September we have even more leagues beginning, with indoor and outdoor, 60 and 90 minute and men’s and coed leagues kicking off at various venues around Ottawa.


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