Let There Be Light!: Update #4

More progress on the amazing field renovations at Immaculata High School.
All of the field lines have now been cut and sewn into place and the crowning glory was added on Thursday with the addition of the Immaculata Saints logo in the centre circle of the field. It doesn’t hurt that the blue and white logo matches perfectly with the white soccer lines and the blue 7-a-side lines to add a stunning centrepiece to the home of the Saints. The sand and infill is being added and the soccer field surface will most likely be complete by tomorrow! It won’t be ready for play, though, until the track surface and a few other items are complete. We know . . . we can’t wait to get on there either!
The other big news was that the lights are now in place, ready for evening play. The LED light system has been designed to use as little energy as possible (only 35% of the energy used by traditional halogen floodlights) and last far longer, creating less waste. Each bulb is individually shielded with an “eyelid” fitting to make sure the light is focused where it needs to be and minimise light pollution. You can see two fixtures below, before and after fitting the eyelids onto them.
Whether you have a full team to register, are on your own, or want to join with a couple of friends, we have an option in each of our leagues and you can sign up as a team or individual for any of them. We’ll be running pick-up soccer too for those that fancy something a little more casual, and the field will be available to rent to sports team and community groups.
Our summer league options at the new field:
Click here for the full list of leagues and details


  • Mondays at Carleton U/Immaculata HS
  • Wednesday at Immaculata HS
  • Thursday at Immaculata HS
  • Friday at Immaculata HS
  • Sunday Afternoons at Immaculata HS


  • Friday Evenings at Immaculata HS


  • Tuesdays at Immaculata HS


  • Monday at immaculata HS
  • Tuesday at Immaculata HS
  • Sunday at Immaculata HS

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