You can score from a corner kick, can't you?

Goal direct from corner kickThe first night of the Sunday Summer League at Carleton University saw a rare type of goal scored: direct from a corner kick. It doesn’t happen that often on a full size field and on a 7-a-side field with smaller goals and only 20 yards or so to curl the ball in from, it’s even rarer.
The Goalfinger goalie tried to steal a couple of yards off his post to intercept the cross, but was caught out by a wickedly swerving corner kick that snuck between him and his front post and nestled perfectly in the bottom corner at the far post. Great goal for MGD and a lesson learned for the Goalfinger goalie.
That leads us nicely to one of the questions that we sometimes get asked by team new to our league:

Which types of kicks are direct and which are indirect?

Basically all dead-balls are indirect other than penalty kicks and corner kicks (as evidenced above). You cannot score directly from ANY free kick, goal kick or a kick in from the sideline. If you can be bothered the same thing can be found written in a slightly more long-winded way in our rules.
The Sunday coed league at Carleton is sold out, but if you are still looking for a Sunday game, we still have a couple of spots available in our Men’s 11-a-side league at the Hillcrest and our Sunday indoor coed league at Louis Riel.
The full gallery of photos from the first week of the Sunday coed league at Carleton University can be found on our online photo galleries.

2 thoughts on “You can score from a corner kick, can't you?

  1. Awww – poor goalie. Looks like he’s wearing a brace. What kind of team sticks an old guy with a brace in net?? Wait, that looks like a grading game as well. OK, so on the job training.
    It was a hard hit kick, for sure!
    Not the guy playing net 🙂

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