Hope for the Old Timers

As discussed in an earlier blog post, Trevor Sinclair scored arguably the greatest bicycle kick of all time while playing for Queens Park Rangers in 1996:

Over the weekend another clip surfaced of Trevor Sinclair, now in his 40s, playing in a benefit game in Manchester

The shorts may be a bit bigger, the goalkeeping more questionable, he’s bit slower to get up and there definitely isn’t as much energy left for an exuberant celebration, but pretty impressive all the same and an inspiration for all of us veterans still playing in the leagues.*
* Legal Note: Footy Sevens take no responsibility for any injuries incurred by veteran players attempting acrobatic goals or overly elaborate goal celebrations. . . .or for the mental anguish caused by thinking “I’d have caught that 10 years ago” . . . or for the blank stares of teammates when you tell them who you went to see at Bluesfest. . . or for anything lasting longer than 4 hours. . . .

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