Killer Bees get the Ball Rolling

Ottawa Footy Sevens Rec SoccerAt a couple of minutes after 6pm on Friday, Killer Bees kicked off against Party Rock and literally got the ball rolling on the first of the 1615 spring league games which will be played over the next few months. We couldn’t have asked for better weather at a warm and sunny Matt Anthony Field, or closer games to get things underway in the first ever Footy Sevens 11-as-side league.
Although the Killer Bees vs Party Rock FC only produced one goal, it was a thing of beauty and worthy of winning any game. Despite a late flurry of chances Killer Bees couldn’t find an equaliser and Party Rock went into the books as the first victors of the season. Los Algerios were next up, claiming a 2-0 victory over FC Roma. Even after only two games it was apparent that some players were going to take a game or two to get their 11-a-side legs back in shape after the winter, and substitutions were being called for at a rapid rate.
The third game of the evening proved to be the best of the night, and if there are any better games played during the the rest of the season they really will be something special. Ya tricks ya took an early lead before being pinned back by Break Dancin’ Monkeys. Another goal for YTY gave them a half time lead, but this was cancelled out early in the second half by BDM. This pattern was repeated for a third time to take the score to 3-3. Both teams pushed for a winner and ya tricks ya looked the most likely to get it as they began to exploit some space on the wings. A low cross from the right seemed to have taken the goalie right out of the play but as the forward dispatched it towards the net, the goalie flung himself back across goal and somehow got a hand on the ball, only to see it dribble agonisingly across the line. It was an unbelievable effort and would have been one of the best saves ever seen in a Footy Sevens game if it had stayed out. However, ya tricks ya now had the lead for the 4th time in the game with time running out. A last minute corner for the Break Dancin Monkeys game them a last chance to pull off a great escape, but even with their goalie lending his support to the attack, there was no equaliser and the final score remained 4-3 to ya tricks ya. A classic, classic game.
Ottawa Footy Sevens 11-a-side
The next game looked as if it could prove to be an equally close contest as The Guards and BIH shared the spoils at half time, but a 2nd half goal blitz by The Guards put the game out of site and they ran out comfortable winners. In the final game of the evening Oreo FC and Red Hot Chilli Peppers both got on the scoresheet but it was the Chilli Peppers who prevailed, capping off the night with a 2-1 victory.
For all of the photos from Friday’s league games go to our online photo gallery and details of the few remaining spring league can be found on the Ottawa Footy Sevens website.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the pictures Footy seven !! My team really liked them… (from Saban with Ya Tricks Ya)

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