Stellar Performance from Los Galacticos Wins KCB10

Dirty Birds

Yesterday’s post gave us a round-up of the financial side of Kicking Cancer’s Butt 10 . . . but what happened on the field?

Competitive Tournament

Even as the very first games got underway, we already knew that a new champion would be crowned in the competitive section as Armee Rouge, Killer Bees and Make America Great Again, who had accounted for the last 5 champions, were unavailable for this year’s tournament. See you next year guys!

Los Galacticos probably started as favourites, and they cruised through the opening section in some style. The other section came down to the last game and Get Off Matip were joyous when a late goal vaulted them over Smashville into 1st place and ensured they would avoid Los Galacticos until the final. However, another perennial tournament semi-finalist, Is it in Yet? had other ideas, sending Get Off Matip home after a penalty shootout. The other semi-final saw Smashville go down to their Sunday evening coed league nemesis, Los Galacticos.

It looked like a second consecutive heartbreak in the final was on the cards for Los Galacticos when Is it in Yet? opened the scoring after just 3 minutes, but they were not to be denied yet again. They came storming back to overcome the deficit and lay claim to their first Kicking Cancer’s Butt title after years of so near but so far.

Recreational Tournament

Team Grayson not only raised the most money ever by a single team, but had their best ever showing on the field. They won their group made it all the way to the quarter-final before bowing out to Dirty Birds, the defending champions. Over in the recreational section, the White Tigers of the West squeezed past Payet Forward on in a penalty shoot-out and Dirty Birds dispatched Dynamic to set up a battle of the last two winners of the recreational section. In a close, tense battle, Dirty Birds led by a single goal. Even throwing the goalie into the opposition box for a last minute corner couldn’t force the equaliser and Dirty Birds retained their recreational title.

Los Galacticos

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