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Who is the Lewandowski of Louis Riel Dome?

There’s been some unbelievable goal scoring feats over in the Europe in the past couple of weeks. With Bayern Munich 1-0 down to Wolfsburg, Pep Guardiola threw on Robert Lewandowski at half time and he promptly rattled off 5 goals in 9 minutes. Definitely one of those substitutions that makes the player and the manager look like a genius!  If you haven’t seen them already, it’s well worth taking a couple of minutes to watch them: the quality of the goals is maybe even better than the quantity:

It seemed like a once in a decade feet, but Sergio Aguero almost matched it less than two weeks later with 5 goals in 21 minutes against for Manchester City against Newcastle.
It got us wondering about what would be the equivalent in Footy Sevens and although we don’t have a record of goal scoring feats in individual games, we went to the stat log to see who has the most prolific goals per game ratio in Footy Sevens history.
Leading the way with an average of 4.22 goals PER GAME is Adel Assaleh who has been tearing it up this season with 38 goals in 9 games for Boats and Goals in Division 2 of the Monday Coed League at Gloucester.
Fo0ty Sevens Top 10
Most of the other players in our all time top ten most prolific goalscorers are also from a relatively small sample size (< 50 games), however Dan Gray and Cesar Kagame deserve special mention for maintaining an average of over two goals a game over 150 and 111 games respectively.
Courtney Luscombe tops the charts for most prolific female scorers with 67 goals in 87 games for the Ninjas.
Footy Sevens Top 10 Female
You can check out all time top tens and individual season stats for goals, assists and various other stats by clicking on the League Stats or All Time Stats links on the left hand side whenever you are on your schedules and standing page.
If you feel that you deserve a place on the leaderboard don’t call us, have a word with your captain or volunteer to be a co-captain for your team.. All goalscorers, assists and other stats can be recorded by the team captain when they enter the scores for the games.
And finally, if you fancy making a fresh assault on the summit of the goal scoring charts, you have to be in it to win it! Registration for team and individual spaces for our fall leagues is open and available on the Footy Sevens website.

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