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Weather Girls
It always amazes us how quickly our coed teams tend to register in comparison to the teams in our men’s leagues. All of our fall 2015 leagues opened for registration at the same time, and our coed leagues were over 75% sold out by the time a half dozen men’s teams were registered.
It’s a bit like the quote “a lie can be halfway around the world while the truth is still putting it’s shoes on”. In this case the coed teams have their space sown up for the new season while the men’s teams are sitting around admiring each other’s cleats: “Hey! Is that the Nike Hypervenom Phellon II in Volt and Persian Violet? Sweet! How do they feel, I was going to get the same ones in Clearwater and Gold Strike“. *
However, the men’s teams are starting to stir and the leagues are beginning to fill up, so here’s a quick run down of what we have available for team and individual registration in our men’s leagues for Fall 2015. We’ve got three men’s leagues available at three our three most popular locations this fall.

Tuesday Late League at Hornets’ Nest and Louis Riel

$1600 pet team/$180 per individual, starts November 3rd
This is the only league that we offer with exclusively late evening kick-offs: the 10 and 11pm games are ideal for those who work or have class a little later or need the later game times to get the little ones to bed or act as a taxi service for their kids sports. The league has been running in this slot for the past 4 years and is always a popular choice for for the night owls.

Friday Evening League at Carleton University

$1600 per team/$180 per individual, starts November 6th
This is the first year that the fieldhouse at Carleton has been available for the full fall/winter session since it was resurfaced last year. Those that haven’t played on the new turf yet will notice a big difference from the old CU carpet. Always a popular venue, we’re looking forward to a great fall winter session for 2015/16.

Sunday Late Afternoon League at Ottawa U Lees Dome

$1800 per team/$200 per individual, starts November 22nd
The Lees dome remains a great addition to the winter venues available to us, and always sees sell outs across the board. Our Sunday league is a late afternoon/early evening league with kickoffs at 4,5 and 6 pm at the downtown venue.
As always full details and registration for all of our leagues can be found on the Ottawa Footy Sevens website.

  • Amazingly Volt & Persian Violet and Clearwater and Gold Strike are genuine colour combinations from the Nike range. Good luck trying to find a pair of black cleats with white stripes for the traditionalists out there. . . even if they do exist they’d probably be descibed as “Midnight Chasm with Ivorian Sunglare trim”


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