Ottawa Freezy Sevens

stay puft
Last night saw  the curtain come down of the 2014 Footy Sevens spring and summer seasons with the Wednesday Summer League playoffs playing out under the Keith Harris stadium lights. The spring/summer seasons began way back on May 2nd with Brad Sweet of Ghost Kicks‘ opening goal and finally came to close a last night with ubiquitous Footy Seveners the Killer Bees taking the Wed league title, an incredible 2829 games later.
The final games took place a week later than scheduled due to the events in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago, making these the latest Footy Sevens outdoor games we’ve played. Not surprisingly, they may also go down as the coldest. With temperatures slipping down towards zero and a stiff breeze blowing over the field players dressed accordingly. Toques, leggings and gloves were very much in fashion, as can be seen from last night’s photo gallery Some players had so many layers on that some challenges looked like a the Stay Puft Marshmallow man taking on the Michelin man.
The 161 Elgin Street Mafia faced off in the final against the Killer Bees and defended extremely well under pressure in the initial stretch of the game. Once one goal went in, the result seemed inevitable and the Killer Bees wound up 3-0 victors with a goal from Danny Greham, a double from Tarik Liousfi, a clean sheet from goalie Seb Babineau and possibly the longest warm-up in history from captain Zac De Vouge. Deadly Panthers of Death took 3rd place over Goal-den Eye.

Fall and Winter Leagues

The fall leagues are underway at Louis Riel and Hornet’s Nest and kick-off at the Ottawa U Lees dome next week. The leagues are almost completely sold out with a single team space and 4 individual spots on Sundays at Louis Riel/Hornet’s Nest the only chance left to join with the other 209 teams already signed up. E-mail admin@ottawafootysevens to grab one of those last spaces.

Pick Up Games

If you have missed the boat on getting signed up for fall, we will be hosting regular pick-up games throughout the fall and winter and details for our winter leagues will be online soon.
Thanks again to everyone that took part during the spring and summer leagues and good luck in the fall and winter leagues.

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