Kicking Cancer's Butt 5: Schedule now online!

Bribe the ref, Kicking Cancer's Butt 5
Regular sized notes also accepted!

The schedule is now online for Kicking Cancer’s Butt 5 and can be found on the Ottawa Footy Sevens Website. The welcome, rules and announcements for the early section will be at 9.45am and for the later session at 1.45pm. Finals for qualifiers from both sections are 7-8.30pm

We have 28 teams registered and have raised over $7,000 for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation so far. We MAY be able to squeeze in one more team on Saturday morning, but I would need to know today.

Please complete all donations in the next 24 hours if possible: all teams must have at least $250 in donations in before Saturday! If teams or players make donations via the team page on the ORCF website, they will receive a tax receipt.

On the day you can make an additional donation by . . . .

  • Buying pizza, snacks or cold drinks at the Kicking Cancer’s Butt Canteen, generously sponsored by Nadia Cheff of Keller Williams.
  • Bribing the Ref to buy a penalty for your team
  • Making a cash or cheque donation to Chris, Andrew or Dan. All cheques should be made payable to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

Once again, thank you everyone and good luck on Saturday.

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