Wednesday Coed League now available at uOttawa Lees Dome

Ottawa Footy Sevens Coed Soccer LeaguesAfter a great start to our Monday league at Ottawa University’s Lees Dome, we had a pleasant surprise a couple of days ago when a we were unexpectedly offered another night at the dome for our leagues. Wednesday is always one of our most popular evenings and it is very rare to find a significant amount of field time available anywhere in the city on any evening, so we snapped it up immediately. The time slot is great, with all games at 8, 9 or 10pm, so no early game traffic issues and no 11pms . . . which is nice. We are thankful to have put the construction delays behind us, and to be able to offer 4 nights of soccer at a terrific new venue. The only initial issue we had on our first night was the rather small penalty boxes on the field, but we spoke to the dome management and they have been very quick to respond and repaint them to the dimensions we asked for.

It’s fairly short notice, as the February 5th start date is only 2 1/2 weeks away, but we already have 8 teams signed up since we e-mailed our current captains a few days ago. As well as the Wednesday league we have a few final spaces remaining in our Friday Men’s League and Friday Coed league at the same venue.
Team and individual spaces are available.  Registration and details for all of our leagues can be found at
You can find the photos from our Monday league at the Lees Dome on our online photo galleries.

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