@Ottawafooty7s Advent Calendar Dec 6th 2013

Dec 06 2013 Fall Charity Tournament
The packed viewing gallery from our fall charity tournament at the Complexe Branchaud Briere. The tournament raised over $4,000 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and saw 21 teams battle it out over the course of a Saturday until the Onetouchables were the last team standing, defeating the Dirty Burds in the final. The tournament was the first ever event at the spectacular new venue, and the 2nd floor viewing gallery and 3rd floor bar make for some unusual angles for photographs when compared to the normal ground level at other venues (see below).

Shameless Plug

We’ll be at the Complexe Branchaud-Briere on Tuesdays and Thursdays for coed soccer throughout the winter. The leagues will be kicking off in mid-January at this fantastic venue  Registration and details for all of our leagues can be found at www.ottawafootysevens.com

Face in the Crowd Competition – Win a Footy Sevens Shirt

We’ll tweet out one photo a day and be adding a bit of seasonal cheer by throwing a badly photoshopped Santa hat onto the head of someone in each picture.
If you are the person sporting the santa hat in the photo, tweet us back @ottawafooty7s with your name and the team name and we’ll send you one of our snazzy Ottawa Footy Sevens or Ottawa Volley Sixes Adidas or Umbro shirts.
All of our online photo galleries can be found here.

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