KCB4: Footy on TV!

Kicking Cancer's Butt 4 Cheque Presentation
Ottawa Footy Sevens present a cheque for $13297.70 to Linda Egan, President of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

We did something a little different yesterday, getting up bright and early to head down to the CTV studios to take part in the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation telethon on CTV Morning Live. We were making the official cheque presentation of the money raised at this year’s Kicking Cancer’s Butt Tournament as part of the telethon and learning a little bit more about the amazing research and treatment projects that all of your team donations go towards. Thank you again to everyone who has taken part in the tournament over the past 4 years, and when Kicking Cancer’s Butt 5 rolls around in May next year, we hope to match this year’s total and boost the total raised to over $50,000!
The video of the three stoogies . . . sorry I meant, ehm, the three Footies on CTV can be found here:

Quality isn’t perfect, we couldn’t get the file off the PVR, so had to resort to videoing the TV screen. Maybe the three stoogies was appropriate after all . . .

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