Ottawa Footy Sevens Spring League Round-Up

Sunday Spring at CU 2013 04-05-2013 6-41-27 PMGoaldiggers powered their way to the final spring league title of the season, dispatching Shifty Ninjas with a convincing 5-1 victory in the Monday Women’s league. Although Shifty Ninjas had finished just one point behind Goaldiggers and cruised into the final with a 3-0 victory over Tony’s they never looked like ending Goaldiggers season on a low note.
The Saturday Coed League at Carleton had seen another undefeated team looking to complete a perfect season, but this time the result was very different. FC Balkan had dispatched Back That Pass Up 4 goals to 1 earlier in the season, but a terrific final saw Back That Pass Up complete the upset by holding on to win by the odd goal in seven.
Killer Bees will go into the history books as Footy Sevens’ first ever 11-a-side champions, claiming the Men’s Friday league at Ottawa U from ya tricks ya. This was achieved despite losing their first two games and not even managing a single goal in either. However a run of 7 consecutive victories soon made up for the sluggish start and they completed the season without losing another game. We still have one single Men’s 11-a-side team spot available for our summer Sunday league at the Ottawa Internationals turf fields.

Other leagues:

Monday Women’s Spring/Summer at Carleton Fieldhouse

  • Champions: GoalDiggers FC
  • Runners-Up: The Ratchets
  • Leading Scorer(s): Joanna Baker(Pink Ladies), Majida Husseini(Pink Ladies)
Monday Spring at Gloucester
  • Champions: White Demons
  • Runners-Up: 4’Suresies
  • Leading Scorer(s): Tarik Liousfi(Prime B)
Tuesday Spring Coed at BFD
  • Champions: Black Thunder
  • Runners-Up: Dynamo Winfund
  • Leading Scorer(s): Tim Hayati(Blue Balls)
Tuesday Spring Mens at BFD
  • Champions: Bun FC
  • Runners-Up:NotreDame & St. Pius Alumni
  • Leading Scorer(s): Fely Kotagbia(CANADA)
Wednesday Spring Coed at BFD
  • Champions: Shenanigans FC
  • Runners-Up: Purple Cobras
  • Leading Scorer(s): Dylan Haggart(Shenanigans FC)
Wednesday Spring Mens at BFD
  • Champions: MANyak City
  • Runners-Up: Old Guys with Kids
  • Leading Scorer(s): Hussein Zeineddine(MANyak City)
Wednesday Spring at Gloucester
  • Champions: il Diavolo FC
  • Runners-Up: Xelaju FC
  • Leading Scorer(s): Daniel Zoric(Ballbreakers)
Thursday Spring at BFD
  • Champions: Dyslexia Untied
  • Runners-Up: The Brigade
  • Leading Scorer(s): Simon Aiello(Dyslexia Untied)
Friday Spring at Carleton
  • Champions: Armee Rouge
  • Runners-Up: Landos
  • Leading Scorer(s): Nicholas Vallee(Holding Cell A)
Friday Mens 11-a-Side at uOttawa
  • Champions: Killer Bees
  • Runners-Up: ya tricks ya
  • Leading Scorer(s): Jong Seong Park(Oreo FC)
Saturday Coed at Carleton
  • Champions: Back That Pass Up
  • Runners-Up: FK Balkan
  • Leading Scorer(s): Patrice da Matha Sant’Anna(Holding Cell D)
Sunday Coed 11-a-Side at uOttawa
  • Champions: Cebollitas
  • Runners-Up: MetU
  • Leading Scorer(s): Hassan Khan(Los Immigranos)
Sunday Spring Coed at Carleton
  • Champions: Los Galacticos
  • Runners-Up: Hippos
  • Leading Scorer(s): Younes Imagline(Los Galacticos)
Sunday Spring Coed at Louis Riel
  • Champions: FC All Blacks
  • Runners-Up: Mayday
  • Leading Scorer(s): Cesar Kagame(Houba Houba FC)

For remaining summer league registration and details of our all of our fall leagues, go to the Ottawa Footy Sevens website or e-mail us at

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