Anyone can make it onto a top EPL team

. . . .at least for a few minutes.
Yesterday saw another prankster manage to sneak himself onto an EPL team. Well, sort of. An imposter posing as a Man City player* hopped out of the crowd before yesterdays Everton vs Manchester City game in a full Man City kit and started warming up with the team before being noticed and led off by stewards and police, much to the amusement of the watching crowd and TV audience.
* Insert your own jokes about most of the ACTUAL team being impostors in Man City shirts for much of this season.
Impostor joins Manchester City
Although he was rumbled really quite quickly, some others have been much more successful and actually got away with it without a custodial sentence. . .

Man United Team Photograph (Champions League)

Karl Power Manchester Utd
12 man team photo. Karl Power on the far left and Roy Keane glaring on the far right.

Amazingly enough a local guy called Karl Power managed to wander onto the field and join the official pre-match team photograph during a champions league match at Old Trafford before calmly walking off the pitch and watching the game from the stands. Click on the photo for the youtube video of the  TV coverage.

French Cup Final 2002

The king of them all, though, has to be Remi Gaillard who joined in the celebrations of the Lorient players after they won the French Cup Final at the Stade de France. Amazingly he manged to join them on the field, get his hands on the cup, take part in the lap of honour and even be part of the official cup celebrations, shaking the hand of the French President Jacques Chirac, who told him that he had “played well”. He capped it all off with a TV interview. The video (French with English subtitiles) is below, and is well worth watching. A brilliant piece of lunacy.

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