Registration Update: Some Leagues already sold out.

www.ottawafootysevens.comWe’ve had a hectic day here with a pretty bewildering number of registrations coming in since 9am this morning. The Sunday evening league at Carleton has already sold out: it only took a few days to sell out last year, and this year all of the spots had been snatched up within 90 minutes. There are still spots for Sunday coed available in the 11-side league at Ottawa U and over at the Louis Riel Dome.

Other leagues close to selling out

We’ve had well over 100 teams register today, and we are shocked at just how many people registered first thing this morning. Obviously some of you were disappointed to miss out on a spot in the Sunday league at Carleton, so we’ll try to keep you updated on the blog with details of which leagues are close to selling out. The numbers on the front page of the wesbite are accurate for any teams that have paid a deposit and been processed. However, we have a little hairy, Tolkienesque monkey-hobbit creature (Joel) that processes all our registrations and there are another dozen or so deposits that have come in since he went to his bed for the night and they don’t currently appear on the totals. So taking all of the deposits in at the time of writing, the following league are very close to selling out:

Friday Coed at Carleton

There are only 4 remaining spots in this league and the chances are they’ll be snapped up tomorrow morning.

Sunday Coed 11-aside and Friday Men’s 11-a-side

The 11-a-side leagues are new for this year, so we don’t really have any precedent to judge the demand or speed that they’ll sell. However both leagues have sold half of the team spots on the first day, so demand seems to be pretty high and there are only a handful of spots left in each.

Monday and Wednesday Coed leagues at Loius Riel Dome/Hornet’s Nest

We were able to add additional fields and double the capacity in each of these leagues and there are still a number of spots left in both leagues. However both have already exceeded their total registration for Spring 2012, so spaces are being snapped up pretty quickly and there might not be any left by next week’s winter league games.

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