Summer Leagues Kick Off This Week

Tuesday will see the first 5 of our dozen or so summer leagues kicking off. First underway will be the Tuesday Coed and Tuesday Women’s leagues at Ben Franklin Dome. We still have a few spaces available in some of the leagues and details of availability can be found below:
The 90 minute games on Mondays are always very popular and we still have a couple of team spaces available as well as a few individual spaces for females. Men’s spaces are all sold out. For those of you in our current Carleton U league worried about the final games of the season clashing with the first games at Louis Riel, let us know the name of your two teams and we can arrange to have your games not overlap for the first couple of weeks of the season.
Tuesday and Thursday Coed
Both leagues start this week and we have ONE team slot available on Tuesdays and ONE spot left on Thursdays. All individual slots are sold out.
As mentioned in our earlier post, Fridays at Carleton HAD sold out, but we are delighted to have secured another block of time and have opened up another half dozen team slots for registration as well as a few more individual spots.
Sundays at Carleton U also have 6 teams spots available, as well as individual slots and although we have a month until the start of the indoor league at Louis Riel Dome, there are over a dozen teams already registered there but half a dozen team slots are still available.
Women’s and Men’s Leagues
All of the team slots in the Thursday Men’s league are sold out and the full season schedule is now online, but we still have room for some individual registration. The Tuesday Women’s league has no remaining individual slots but we could accommodate up to two more team registrations.  In the Sunday Women’s league over at Louis Riel, both team and individual registration is still available.
For full details of all our soccer leagues go to:
Don’t forget that we also have our Volleyball leagues at Carleton University and the new seasons will be starting in September. Registration has just opened for our Thursday evening league, and we hope to open registration for Tuesday’s soon. For details and registration go to

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