66 Shades of Gray – Top Scorer Update

As the first of the spring leagues reach their final week of playoffs, we’ll take a quick look at the most prolific marksmen (and women) of the season. Of course, not all of the leagues are finished and some have quite a few weeks to go, but here’s how things stand at the moment.
In the coed leagues, the top slot is shared between two leagues . . . but only one player! Dan Gray has notched 33 goals on for the Spartans on Wednesdays and added an identical number for the Young Bears on Sunday evenings at Carleton. The 66 goals that he has scored in these two leagues have extended his lead at the zenith of the Footy Sevens all time top-ten goalscorers. Tim Hayati is the top scoring player not called Dan Gray this season with 24 goals for Blue Steel on Tuesdays and trio of Sunday players – Steve Wax of Bhikku Eboue, Chris Berard of Hail Seitan and Rancourt Roofing’s Yanic Giroux – have also notched over 20 times this season.
Vi Nguyen is the highest scoring female player in the coed leagues, with 13 goals for the Honey Badgers (Sundays at Carleton). Her baker’s dozen of coed goals puts her just behind Joanna Baker and Erica Foss, a pair of Pink Ladies from the Tuesday Women’s League. Rachel Ettinger (Sweet Cleats), Judith Atwood (Pink Ladies) and Allie Akers of Green Machine in the Wednesday Coed are the others to have reached double figures.
As we have only one men’s league (Thursday’s at Ben Franklin), the top scorer in that league is obviously the top scorer in the men’s leagues for the season. That honour belongs to Dan Zoric of Ottawa Fire with 21 goals. Karim Bitar of Vantage FC and Mohammed Sabri share 2nd spot with 13.
Remember all goalscoring stats are recorded by the teams themselves and the team captians have the option of entering them (or not) after every game and our stats come directly from those entered by the teams themselves. If any of you aren’t sure where to enter the scorers, see the screenshot below:

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