Over $5000 raised for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

Top fundraisers: there's money to be made clowning around

Over $5000 raised for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation
The cheque presentation from the 1st Kicking Cancer’s Butt Tournament in May 2010.

With less than 24 hours to kick off for the 2012 Kicking Cancer’s Butt Tournament, the donations are starting to come in thick and fast.
We already have over $6700 raised for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, and teams are still collecting and donating money. Tomorrow will decide who comes out tops ON the field, but we’ll have a quick check in on who is leading the pack in donations off the field:
Despite only pulling together a team on Wednesday, our individuals team KCB Holding Cell* is out in front of the pack for money raised so far, and with team member (and serial Footy Sevens team captain) Dave Walls putting his dignity on the line for a good cause, their total looks set to go even higher. He has $400 in pledges lined up if he manages to play the whole of the tournament dressed up in full clown suit, complete with wig and red nose.
Team Ron Garson is in second place at the moment, Dynamo Winfund in third and Mucho Infermo and EDC FC round out the top 5, with all of those teams raising over $300.
In the three years that it has been running, the Kicking Cancer’s Butt tournament has now raised almost $23,000 for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.
*Yesterday we accidentally referred to KCB Holding Cell as KGB Holding Cell in a tweet. KCB stands for Kicking Cancer’s Butt, whereas KGB stands for the Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti. We would just like to clarify that neither the team or any of its members have any affiliation with the KGB or any other Cold War era secret police organisation. Unless they aren’t telling us something. And if they were a member of a secret police organisation, it would be a secret, so how would we know? The conspiracy theory starts here.  .  .
Click on http://tournaments.ottawafootysevens.com/ for full details and registration or e-mail chris@ottawafootysevens.com

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