@Ottawafooty7s Advent Calendar – Dec 21st


It was a miserable day in Ottawa today: freezing rain. On first encountering freezing rain after moving up to Ottawa, I had a real “WTF is this?” moment. “Why has every street in the city been replaced with a skating rink? Looks the same but eschews out traditional notions of friction as some kind of Newtonian plot. This is messed up”.
Anyway, since it was utterly rubbish weather today, lets rewind back to June and a beautiful sunny Saturday on Raven Field at Carleton U. The goalie’s taken a risk in coming out and it looks as if he may have paid the penalty. In his defence, though, where was his defence? Haven’t used too many black and white images in the Advent Calendar, so thought a snowman’s top hat would look better with it than a red Santa hat. In fact I think we should have more goalies wearing top hats in our leagues. It would add a sense of decorum to the games. Monocles? Tail coats? Even better. Jaunty angles required of course to give the look of a gentleman (or lady) footballer.
Can’t say that I’ve ever played alongside someone in a top hat or tailcoat, but I did once have a team mate show up for a Saturday afternoon 11-a-side game resplendent in full formal kilt outfit with a borrowed pair cleats in one hand and an almost empty bottle of champagne in the other. Hadn’t made it home from a wedding the night before. He was one of the older guys in the team, and a bit of a raconteur, so it actually wasn’t all that out of character!
Remember if it’s you that we’ve tacked the Santa hat* onto, drop us a tweet @OttawaFooty7s and we’ll send you an Ottawa Footy Sevens shirt.
The original of the photo and the other photo galleries from this year’s leagues can be found here.
An explanation of our advent calendar can be found here.
*Or we may shove on a big snowman’s top hat. Who knows? It depends upon how whimsical we’re feeling at the time . . .

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