@Ottawafooty7s Advent Calendar – Dec 20th

Friday Summer League @Carleton_U here. First games of the season and a pretty smart looking scissors kick. Again not sure whether or not it went in (if i remember correctly it didn’t), but it was a good effort anyway.
This got me thinking about scissor kicks and bicycle kicks etc. and I was wondering what the earliest one on film was. The first really high profile scissors kick I remember was Negrete scoring for Mexico in the 1986 World Cup. However, I found a clip that predates that by about 20 years: Jupp Heynckes scoring a beautiful bicycle kick for Germany:

Has anyone seen one from earlier than that captured on film?
Incidentally, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone better Trevor Sinclair’s RIDICULOUS bicycle kick for Queens Park Rangers against Barnsely in 1997. Not as well known as some goal clips that you see all the time, but well worth seeing, so I’ll post it here.  20 yards out, unbelievable height off the ground, perfect contact and rockets off his foot and in off the underside of the bar. Perfection.
Also worth noting some of the “glass half empty” comments. “Keeper was too far off his line” Hahaha. Yeah, well done, mate: the keeper should have been legislating for someone doing THAT and positioned himself accordingly . . .

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The original of the photo and the other photo galleries from this year’s leagues can be found here.
An explanation of our advent calendar can be found here.
*Or we may shove on a big snowman’s top hat. Who knows? It depends upon how whimsical we’re feeling at the time . . .

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