@Ottawafooty7s Advent Calendar – Dec 8th

Today’s photo is the most recent one that we’ve used thusfar: it’s from a week or two ago and is from our Wednesday league at Carleton. That’s a pretty congested penalty box and if you look carefully you can see that there are actually 12 of the 14 players on the field all crowded into that tiny area! Don’t worry, we haven’t started cramming 2 games onto fields that were meant for one, or loading more and more players onto teams: the photo was taken right after a free kick on the edge of the box was taken and blocked by one of the defenders.
Just a quick note for those of you playing on Wednesdays and planning to continue in Winter: our winter Wednesday league at Louis Riel has just sold out, but we’ve been able to secure enough additional time to add a second Wednesday league starting on March 7th. The details are on the website.
Remember if it’s you that we’ve tacked the Santa hat* onto, drop us a tweet @OttawaFooty7s and we’ll send you an Ottawa Footy Sevens shirt.
The original of the photo and the other photo galleries from this year’s leagues can be found here.**
An explanation of our advent calendar can be found here.
*Or we may shove on a big snowman’s top hat. Who knows? It depends upon how whimsical we’re feeling at the time . . .
**Actually this one might not be online after all.We didn’t take too many photos on that evening, we were trying to capture some video instead. Should have a youtube compilation posted soon if we managed to capture anything half decent.

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