2019 Roll of Honour – Part 2, Summer 2019

The Fenton Menace

Another day, another round of champions! Yesterday we printed all of the league winners, division champions and golden boot winners from Fall 2019 in our round-up of last years honours. Today it is the turn for the summer league teams and players. These were the last time that we had Footy 7s games outdoors and we are only a couple of days from the launch of our spring league captain’s presale. Our spring kids leagues are already on sale and available over on the Footy For All website.

Monday Summer Coed @ Immaculata/CU

Intermediate A Playoff ChampionsThe Fenton Menace
Intermediate B Playoff ChampionsAlcoballics
Recreational C Playoff ChampionsMisfit squad
Recreational D Playoff ChampionsEconomists do it with Models
Intermediate A Female Golden BootEena Kaur Cobra Kai
Intermediate A Male Golden BootGlen Nkali FC Snowdevils
Intermediate B Female Golden BootKaro L Yellow Cards
Intermediate B Male Golden BootFarhad Canaries 7: Mission to Moscow
Recreational D Female Golden BootShannon Pot Back in Black
Recreational D Male Golden BootRyan Bissonnette Barely Recreational
Economists Do It With Models

Monday Summer Coed @ Gloucester

Division 1 Female Golden BootStephanie Kreplin Bench Greg
Division 1 Male Golden BootGreg White Bench Greg
Division 1 Playoff ChampionsMagpies
Division 2 female Golden BootSarah Poluha GS – Bobby, The Sequel
Division 2 Male Golden BootAhmed Saleh Get Schwifty XI
Division 2 Playoff ChampionsWho Needs Mo
Division 3 Male Golden BootNuahtaye Worlor The Underachievers
Division 3 Playoff ChampionsFCNoname
Division 4 female Golden BootAmber Lynn Handball Bandits
Division 4 Male Golden BootEvan Sansom-Gill Queens Park Strangers
Division 4 Playoff ChampionsIndies
How Spicy?

Monday Summer Mens @ Carleton

Div 1Lb + Y
Div 1 – Male Golden BootTyler Swan Killer Bees
Div 2Sequoia Church
Div 2 – Male Golden BootPablo Concilio B2BC
Div 3Los Campeones FC
Div 3 – Male Golden BootElie Absi Los Campeones FC

Tuesday Summer (Early Fall) Coed @ BFD

Division 1 – Female Golden BootLaibah Ahmed William Araniva
Division 1 – Male Golden BootQ. Vunici RIDGIES FC
Division 1 – Playoff ChampionsScrambled Legs
Division B1 – Playoff ChampionsWOLFPACK
Division B2 – Female Golden BootSophie Harris AC Me Rollin
Division B2 – Male Golden BootNick Vachon The Blue ballers
Division B2 – Playoff ChampionsThe Blue ballers
Division C – Female Golden BootNikki Reshke Purple Rain
Division C – Male Golden BootBrenden Wright Purple Rain
Division C – Playoff ChampionsNet Six and Chill
Mo Salah Mo Problems

Tuesday Summer Men’s @ Immaculata

Division 1 – Male Golden BootRyan Sweeney Ottawa Fire
Division 1 – Playoff ChampionsMo Salah Mo Problems
Division 2 – Male Golden BootJon Kadir Royal Oak FC
Division 2 – Playoff ChampionsThe Peaches
Division 3 – Male Golden BootGrant Ackerland How Spicy?
Division 3 – Playoff ChampionsHow Spicy?
Division 4 – Golden BootGaddiel Kamto Animal Farm
Division 4 – Playoff ChampionsTuesday Summer Mens @ Immaculata – B
The Noxious Weeds

Wednesday Summer Coed @ Gloucester

Division 1 Female Golden BootShelby Raven For Fuchs Sake
Division 1 Male Golden BootMatty Braith For Fuchs Sake
Division 1 Playoff ChampionFor Fuchs Sake
Division 2 Female Golden BootSam Laurin FPTP 28
Division 2 Male Golden BootSteve Wafo Noxious Weeds
Division 2 Playoff ChampionNoxious Weeds
Division 3 Female Golden BootSamantha Carson Des Champs United
Division 3 Male Golden BootIkay Alex Punchkickers XXVIII
Division 3 Playoff ChampionYellow Cards
The French Fries

Wednesday Summer Coed @ CU/Immaculata

Division 1 Female Golden BootJess Ferguson Is it in yet?
Division 1 Male Golden BootKai Cheng Is it in yet?
Division 1 Playoff ChampionsThe French Fries
Division 2 Female Golden BootDalia Meghaizel The Green Team
Division 2 Male Golden BootConnor Schmitt Welch FC
Division 2 Playoff ChampionsWelch FC
Division 3 Female Golden BootBrianne Roberts Deadlier Panthers of Death
Division 3 Male Golden Bootcesar kagame Neon Ninjas
Division 3 Playoff ChampionsDeep Threat
Division 4 Female Golden BootBrittany Bellmore Jaguars 2.0
Division 4 Male Golden BootFarhad Jaguars 2.0
Division 4 Playoff ChampionsJaguars 2.0
Division 5 Female Golden BootLeen Al-Jaber Crash and Burn
Division 5 Male Golden BootMaged Arab Crash and Burn
Division 5 Playoff ChampionsAmigos
Division 6A Female Golden BootSarah Abbas Honey Badgers Football Club
Division 6A Male Golden BootDan Kostyniuk Honey Badgers Football Club
Division 6A Playoff ChampionsBrochacho
Division 6B Female Golden BootMegan Stockford Red Devils
Division 6B Male Golden BootPeter Mills Red Devils
Division 6B Playoff ChampionsWasted Talent
Division 7 Female Golden BootKayla Carter Toro Rosso II FC
Division 7 Playoff ChampionsThe Offsides
Shark Attack!

Wednesday Summer Women’s @ Immaculata

Champions – Womens League Open DivisionKiller Sharks
Golden Boot – Womens League Open DivisionCandace Mecredy Snowballs
Not Red Anymore

Wednesday Early Fall Mens @ Gloucester

Champions – Group 1No! Impact
Champions – Group 2About to get Messi
Golden BootJames Gyte No! Impact
When You Get Limes . . .Again!

Thursday Summer Coed @ Immaculata

Division 1 Female Golden BootSam Cremer Jucantbeatus V2
Division 1 Male Golden BootJaafar Khalil Squad Goals FC
Division 1 Playoff ChampionsFlamingos
Division 2 Female Golden BootMarie-Josée Nadeau Cobra Kai
Division 2 Male Golden BootAndre Ehui Cobra Kai
Division 2 Playoff ChampionsCobra Kai
Division 3 Female Golden BootLindsay Andrusek When you get limes… AGAIN
Division 3 Male Golden BootOthman Benkirane All Blue
Division 3 Playoff ChampionsWhen you get limes… AGAIN
Division 4 Female Golden BootColette Gorni Blue Balls
Division 4 Male Golden BootAndrew Goddard Heart Attacks 2.0
Division 4 Playoff ChampionsCompany of Fools
Net Six and Chill

Thursday Summer Coed @ BFD

Division 1 Female Golden BootKim Bilmer We’re Greyt
Division 1 Male Golden BootBryn Patmore We’re Greyt
Division 1 Playoff ChampionsTeam Tyler
Division 2 Female Golden BootHil Enns Run Like The Winded
Division 2 Male Golden BootBrandon Pynn Shoots First
Division 2 Playoff ChampionsNet Six and Chill

Thursday Summer Men’s @ BFD

Division 1 Golden BootAlmiqdad Salem Shim Shimmy
Division 1 Playoff ChampionsDZ Nuts
Division 2 Golden BootSaad Al-Chadirji Los Galácticos
Division 2 Playoff ChampionsLos Galácticos
Division 3 Golden BootDaniel Michelin Globetrotters
Division 3 Playoff ChampionsGlobetrotters
FC Abuseo

Friday Summer Mens @ Carleton

Division 1 Playoff ChampionsFC ABUSEO
Division 2A Playoff ChampionsEelam United FC
Division 1 Golden BootJames Mcleish House of Highlights
Division 2 Golden Bootfederico dori Boys in Black FC

Friday Summer Coed @ Carleton

Division 1 Female Golden BootLia Taha Cheng GuardiansOfTheGlades: #HogSnapperSzn
Division 1 Male Golden BootMatt Schram GuardiansOfTheGlades: #HogSnapperSzn
Division 1 Playoff ChampionsGrass Kickerz
Division 2 Female Golden BootSandra Freedman OSRXXVI
Division 2 Male Golden BootNick Vachon Sky Fieri
Division 2 Playoff ChampionsSal FC

Saturday Co-Ed Afternoons @ Immaculata

Saturday League Open DivisionVeggieTales: Rick Labelle and the Missing Veggies
Saturday League Male Golden BootMatthew Atchison Dominant Sevenths FC
Saturday League Female Golden BootKrystina Quiroz VeggieTales: Rick Labelle and the Missing Veggies
Los Galacticos

Sunday Summer Co-Ed 90s @ Carleton

Division 1Los Galacticos
Division 2Flying Dutchmen
Division 3Assistants to the Regional Striker
Division 4Ungovernable
Division 5Ray FC
Division 6Sports Team
Div 1 – Female Golden BootAlyssa Armstrong Les Galactiques
Div 1 – Male Golden BootLuca Piccioli Get Off Matip
Div 2 – Female Golden BootBreanna Moberg Flying Dutchmen
Div 2 – Male Golden BootSixtus Nweke Cookie Monsters
Div 3 – Female Golden BootNora Wong Assistants to the Regional Striker
Div 3 – Male Golden BootShane Koscher Dream Team
Div 4 – Female Golden BootPetra Chea Low Expectations
Div 4 – Male Golden BootAlex Dinh Low Expectations
Div 5 – Female Golden BootKelsey Heit Ray FC
Div 5 – Male Golden BootNick Gervais Ray FC
Div 6 – Female Golden BootSabrina Panuccio Segundo Volante
Div 6 – Male Golden BootHarjap Gill Smurfs 2.0
DZ Nuts

Sunday Summer Mens Evenings @ Immaculata

Division 1 – Golden BootWassim Dhouib Legion XIV
Division 1 – Playoff ChampionsDZ Nuts
Intermediate A – Playoff ChampionsMarastaks FC
Intermediate B – Golden BootMoshe Vanunu Knights FC
Intermediate B – Playoff ChampionsKnights FC
Intermediate C – Golden BootTrevor Hache Plastic Sizzle
Intermediate C – Playoff ChampionsSunday Summer Mens Evenings @ Immaculata – B
Deep Threat

Sunday Summer Co-Ed Afternoons @ Immaculata

Division A – Female Golden BootSarah Hayley Sooty Sevens
Division A – Male Golden Bootomar alhattab Mambas FC
Division A – Playoff ChampionsMambas FC
Division B – Female Golden BootNatasha Loewen Check Point Firewalls
Division B – Male Golden BootMaurice Conway Check Point Firewalls
Division B – Playoff ChampionsCheck Point Firewalls

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