Seb's Super 70!

The triumphant Legion Honey Garlic team after winning the recreational section of Kicking Cancer’s Butt 8.

We had a great night on Saturday at the awards banquet/end of year celebration for the Legion/Schwifty family of footy teams.  Thanks to team guru Seb Coloma and the rest of the team members for inviting us along.
Seb’s teams have been mainstays of our leagues and charity tournaments season after season for many years but even we didn’t realise that he has captained and organised SEVENTY teams over the past 8 or 9 years! Even more remarkably despite the myriad of personnel and name changes, he had kept comprehensive stats for all of these teams and had cumulative goalscorers, leaders, MVPs and “couldn’t hit a cow on the arse with a banjo” award winners for all of them. Added to that were a decade worth of photos, reminisces and awards which made for a nostalgic night for all. There was even a really cool tribute video for the team spirit award winner Nathan Pacheco with contributions from various teammates from various teams.

It was another reminder that although we are where our captains choose to bring their teams, what we see ON the field is only the tip of the iceberg and many of the teams have fantastic social and charitable pastimes OFF the field.
Seb could hold the Footy Sevens record for most teams captained (it’s probably either Seb or Killer Bees Kingpin Zac De Vogue). However, there are many other captains who have put their time and effort into organising team after team to help others get the opportunity to keep fit and play the sport they love: and all for no reward. The only reason that we are not listing more of the superstar captains here is the fear that for every one that we name we will have inevitably missed someone who has been just as great in getting people out and playing!
With that in mind, we would like to start 2019 with a huge shout-out to ALL of our Footy Sevens captains. Whether you organise one team or a whole franchise of teams, we know it can be a thankless task sometimes, but we certainly appreciate everything you bring to the league and we are sure all of the players on your team feel exactly the same way.  We couldn’t do it without you!

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