Only Two Spaces Left at Louis Riel and Hornets' Nest

You wouldn’t know it from the glorious weather, but the first of our indoor fall leagues begin at the end of the month. We are down to our final few team spaces available at the Gloucester domes for Fall 2017, with the Monday Coed, Monday Men’s and Wednesday Coed all full. We have a couple of team spaces remaining in the Sunday league and a handful of individual spaces for the leagues beginning in late October/early November.

  • Monday Coed at Gloucester: Sold Out
  • Monday Men’s at Ben Franklin Dome: Team Spaces Sold Out, 3 Individual Spaces Available
  • Tuesday Men’s at Gloucester: 3 Team and 5 Individual Spaces Available
  • Wednesday Coed at Gloucester: Team Spaces Sold Out, 1 Female Individual Space Available
  • Sunday Coed at Gloucester: 2 Team and 5 Individual Spaces Available

Leagues Beginning in Late November
Our leagues at Ottawa University and Carleton University don’t begin for another month, and there are more spaces available in those leagues. However, even those are starting to fill up with the last 3 spaces in the Monday Coed and Sunday Men’s likely to be gone in the next couple of days.
Coed Leagues Available:

  • Monday at Ottawa University
  • Wednesday at Ottawa University
  • Friday at Ottawa University
  • Sunday at Ottawa University

Men’s Leagues Available:

  • Friday at Carleton University
  • Sunday at Carleton University

As always full details are available on the Footy Sevens website and team spaces can be reserved with a $250 deposit.

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