Footy Helps Nature

Soccer Ball Birds Nest
We spotted an example of a bird finding some unusual building material to help with its nest construction when we were over at Carleton a few days ago. An errant soccer ball had got lodged up in a tree at some point and an enterprising bird had decided it was an ideal platform to give it a leg up in the process of building its nest.
So the next time you sky a shot into the wide blue yonder from a position that looks easier to score from, don’t listen to your teammates’ criticism. Just tell them you don’t suck, you’re just a conservationist!
If you still fancy a final chance to get outside and play footy in the fresh air before the long winter sets in, we still have a handful of team and individual spaces available in late summer/early fall outdoor leagues at Carleton U . The leagues start over the next week or two and run through September and October on Monday, Thursday and Friday. And if indoor is more your thing at this time of year, we have indoor leagues at Ben Frankiln Dome starting this week and running though the same time period.
And don’t forget, although kickoff is a month or two away, registration is already open for our fall indoor leagues at Ottawa U, Carleton U, Louis Riel and Hornet’s Nest and leagues are already beginning to fill up.
As always you can find all of the details and registration for all of our leagues over at  Ottawa Footy Sevens Website or by dropping us an e-mail.

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