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Happy 149th Birthday Canada!

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It’s Canada Day, we’ve got a day off work, the sun is shining (for now), Euro 2016 is on TV all weekend, we live in a great city and they’re even starting to repair the sinkhole in the middle of town! Whatever you are doing today, have a great Canada Day.
2016 marks 30 years since Canada qualified for the World Cup for the first and only time. Lets hope that record changes soon. We stumbled upon a great article from a couple of years ago on where the players reminisce about the experience. Its well worth reading, especially how basic it seems compared to the image of the modern pampered superstar. It seems crazy that the final qualifying match, with Canada needing a draw to go to the World Cup, was played it on a city field in Newfoundland and they “just brought bleachers around”. Amazing.
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