a peek at the tournament fixtures

Kicking Cancer's Butt Schedule has been Posted!

a peek at the tournament fixtures
The schedule for the 2016 edition of the Kicking Cancer’s Butt tournament is now available online. We have a record breaking 38 teams playing this weekend and it all kicks off at 12.30pm at Carleton University. Between then and the final whistle of the finals around 7.30pm, 75 games will have been played, a 5 figure sum will have been raised for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and countless goals scored, snacks and sandwiches bought and bribes made.
Bribes? Yes, that’s right, BRIBES. Bribing the ref has always been one of the unique features of the Kicking Cancer’s Butt Tournament and it will be just as popular as ever this year.
Of course most importantly of all, the Footy Sevens community is showing a quite humbling amount of generosity with over $7,000 already collected from team donations. $250 was set as the minimum donation and so far Peter Cech Yourself lead the way  with over $400 donated  A pair of “kickers” are right behind them with Jan’s Kicker’s and graASS Kickers over the $300 mark. Last year’s generosity champions are also back, so we’d like to give another shout out to I’ll Have Another who set a new record in 2015 with over $1400 donated. Don’t forget, because all costs are donated by Footy Sevens and all referees and organisers are volunteering , every single penny of every donation goes directly to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.
On the field, we’ll have 22 teams fighting it out (we assume NOT literally) for the competitive tournament trophy. Last year’s champions the Killer Bees kick the whole thing off at 12.30pm in Group A and aim to become the first team to defend the trophy. Other former champions Ivory Toast (wii not fit) and Armee Rouge (The Shockers) lurk in groups B and C respectively. Both will have their eye on swatting aside the Bees to beat them to a second crown. On the recreational side of the tournament, 16 teams will start the day aiming to match the success of last year’s inaugural rec champions: the Misfits.
If you are on one of the rosters for the tournament, simply click on “My Team” on the top menu bar on the Footy Sevens Website to see your schedule. If you are not yet on a roster, or would like to see the full schedule, click on Schedule/Stats and then Saturday then KCB7.
We’ll be sending out a participants e-mail with all of the information that you need in the next day or two.
If you have any questions about any aspect of the tournament, please e-mail them to chris@ottawafootysevens.com, and we look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.

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