Sepp Blatter Wins, Footy 7s Step In

Kicking Cancer's ButtSepp Blatter has incredibly (but not surprisingly) been voted in for another term at the helm of FIFA despite the corruption arrests earlier this week. Early talk of the big guns in Europe and South America boycotting the World Cups has already surfaced which would be a shame for the game.
In the sad event that a boycott ever does come to fruition, Footy Sevens would like to be the first to provide a practical solution. We would hereby like to extend an official invitation to the national teams of England, France, Brazil, Argentina and Germany (among others) to join us for the 2018 and 2022 Kicking Cancer’s Butt Tournaments. . . .and for the national teams of Scotland and Canada to join us in the recreational sections of KCB 2018 and 2022.

See no corruption, Hear no corruption, Speak not of corruption
Sepp Blatter previews his defence against corruption allegations . . .

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