"I'll Have Another' set new record for generosity

Kicking Cancer's Butt 2015
Only one day to go until the 2015 Kicking Cancer’s Butt Tournament and we have $8,266 already raised on the ORCF website and another $500 in cheques that have been dropped off with us, giving a total of over $8700 raised already. Once the donations on the day, the referee bribes and the money from the concession stand are added, this year’s tournament looks set to raise well over $10,000 for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. Who knows, we may even challenge our previous record of over $13,000 raised at the 2013 Kicking Cancer’s Butt Tournament . . .
One team that has already set a new record are “I’ll Have Another” who have donated an incredible $1,105. A quite outstanding amount and it represents the largest team donation we’ve had in the six years of running the tournament. Not far behind are the Dirty Birds and grASS Kickers having donated $775 and $480 each. A heartfelt thank you to all three teams and to everyone donating to the tournament no matter how large or small.

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