KCB6: 1 Week to go, 30 teams registered and over $6,000 already raised

Kicking Cancer's Butt 2012

Kicking Cancer’s Butt 6

Saturday May 23rd 11.30am-7pm, Carleton University Keith Harris Stadium and Raven Road Field

This time next week we’ll be heading out to Carleton University to start setting up for Kicking Cancer’s Butt 6. We’ve already got 30 teams registered for the tournament and more importantly over $6,000 already donated to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.
Once all of the team donations come in and the teams start to buy penalties with those sweet, sweet referee bribes, it looks like we are well on our way to raising over $10,000 for the Ottawa Regional cancer Foundation.
Sporting CBIE were the first to sign up on the day we opened registration and registrations have come in thick and fast since then. 30 teams is going to make a fantastic tournament, but because we have six fields to work with this year, have the capacity for even more. We still have a couple of team spaces available for the tournament, and you can still sign up a team at the Footy Sevens Website.
If you are in individual interested in playing, contact Dave Walls by e-mail, as Dave organises teams of individuals for the tournament.
If you won’t be playing, but would still like to make a donation, all donations are welcome and you can drop off a donation to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation with Andrew, Dan or Ryan at your regular league night.
See you all on Saturday!

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