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Is this the greatest team photo of all time?

Team Group
We take a lot of team photos at the footy and volley league nights for our social media, blog and website and we see good ones, bad ones, odd ones and ill-advised ones. Everything from the classic “half the team standing and half on one knee with the goalie and ball in the middle” to some that are just awesomely cheesy. However, hat’s off to the Fluorescent Platypuses for coming up with something truly different. Well done guys! Not that we would endorse swinging on the crossbar from a health and safety perspective, of course. . . .
If you and your team think you can do better and top this one, you’re probably going to have to start by joining one of our soccer leagues, volleyball leagues or our charity soccer tournament over on the Footy Sevens website or Volley Sixes website.

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