Kicking Cancer's Butt Tournament team

Kicking Cancer's Butt 6 – 10 Teams registered

Kicking Cancer's Butt Tournament team
Sporting CBIE at last year’s tournament.

We have 10 teams already registered for May’s Kicking Cancer’s Butt 6, meaning around 30% of the available spaces in the tournament have sold out within the first week or so since it opened. First off the mark this year was Sporting CBIE who were the first teams to be entered and reach the minimum donation amount. Like many of the tournament teams, they support the tournament and the charity each year and we appreciate all their efforts. All you need to do now is sort it our ON the field guys!
The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation donation website is now up and running too, so donations can be made directly to the ORCF from there.
Please remember that to enter the tournament you use the Footy Sevens site for registering your team and adding your squad players, but NOT for the donation or any money. The ORCF website for the tournament is so that you can make the donation(s) directly to them, but you do not need to add your players to your team on there (unless they are being added to pay their part of their donation to your team).
Good luck everyone, keep those donations coming!
Kicking Cancer's Butt 6

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