Kicking Cancer's Butt 5

@Ottawafooty7s Advent Calendar Dec 23rd 2014 – Kicking Cancer's Butt

Kicking Cancer's Butt 5That’s it: the last Footy Sevens and Volley Sixes games of the year have been played.
We’re coming to the end of our advent calendar too, and here’s another team group from Kicking Cancer’s Butt 5. Nicely posed team group outside in the sunshine . . . is that a clue as to one of the changes that are on the cards for Kicking Cancer’s Butt 6?
We’ve posted a gallery of the team groups from the tournament, and the action shots are online in a separate gallery.
The remainder of the photos from this gallery can be found in our online photo galleries.

Face in the Crowd Competition – Win a Footy Sevens Shirt

We’ll tweet out one photo a day and be adding a bit of seasonal cheer by throwing a badly photoshopped Santa hat onto the head of someone in each picture.
If you are the person sporting the santa hat in the photo, tweet us back @ottawafooty7s with your name and the team name and we’ll send you one of our snazzy Ottawa Footy Sevens or Ottawa Volley Sixes Adidas or Umbro shirts.
Registration and details for all of our leagues can be found at

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