Footy Sevens Fall League Line-Up

Back at the Lees Dome for Fall 2014The fall indoor season is a couple of months away and once again we’ve got a fantastic range of leagues available at some of the best venues across the city. The pre-sale is open for our current team captains’ and they’ll have until Tuesday, September 2nd to lock down their team’s spot for the fall. We’ll open team registration to everyone on Wednesday: and as always a team spot can be reserved with a $250 deposit. Individual registration will open the following week, on September 11th.

Ottawa University – Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun

Once it came online after a delayed start last year, the new Lees Dome at Ottawa University proved to be a big hit with over 100 teams playing in the winter season. The feedback we got from teams and players was extremely positive with a lot of praise for the great playing surface and probably the best lighting of any of the domes in the city. We’ll be back again this year on the same nights and the dome will be our main location for fall and winter 2014/15. We’ll be offering coed on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evenings and men’s on Sunday afternoons. All of the Ottawa University leagues are scheduled to begin in late November.

Gloucester Domes – Mon, Tue, Wed, Sun

The Hornet’s Nest and Louis Riel Dome have been league venues for as long as Footy Sevens has been in existence and we run indoor leagues year round at the domes out on Bearbrook Road. Our Monday, Wednesday and Sunday coed and Tuesday late evening men’s league have been established for a number of years and will be back again this fall and winter. All of the leagues start in early November and with a brand new turf field replacing the existing one at Louis Riel Dome, they are bound to sell out pretty quickly.

Fieldhouse at Carleton University – Fri

The Fieldhouse at Carleton University is another venue getting a face-lift in time for the indoor season. The current field is one of the more unique turf surfaces in the city, and although we personally like to play on it, it definitely wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea! Work will be beginning on laying a brand new turf field in mid-September. Between the closure for the field replacement, and the exam period throughout December, we won’t be starting our Friday men’s league at the Fieldhouse until the first week of January.

Individual Registration

Individual registration will be available for the following leagues:

  • Monday Coed at Gloucester
  • Tuesday Men’s at Gloucester
  • Wednesday Coed at Gloucester
  • Friday Coed at Ottawa University
  • Friday Men’s at Carleton University
  • Sunday Coed at Gloucester
  • Sunday Men’s at Ottawa University

Individual registration opens on Thursday, September 11th

Other Leagues

We are still hopeful of adding one or two more leagues, but do not have confirmation from the venues at the moment. If anything else does become available, we’ll post the details on the blog and on the footy sevens website. If any of you are wondering about Complexe Branchaud-Briere, we will not be offering leagues there this year. Although the venue was great and we were very well treated by the staff and management, it just didn’t prove to be a suitable location for the majority of our teams.
For registration and information on all leagues go to the Ottawa Footy Sevens Website or drop us an e-mail.
For information on our fall volleyball leagues, available at 4 top class venues around the city, go to the Ottawa Volley Sixes site.
Photos from the Ottawa University Lees Dome:


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