Summer 2014 Registration Now Open

Ottawa Footy Sevens
Team registration for the 2014 summer leagues is now open for teams and individuals.
Many of the leagues are continuations of the same night and venue from the spring leagues, but with the changes in field availability as we go into fall, make sure you double check exactly what is available on the evening that you would like to play. It’s obviously been a big blow that the De La Salle field project got delayed until next year, but we’ve still got a fantastic line-up of indoor and outdoor leagues available at Carleton University, Louis Riel Dome and Ben Franklin Dome.
Here’s a quick guide to our summer league offerings for those of you who are looking for something specific. We’ve categorised them by gender, location, indoor/outdoor, game length, team cost and format. For registration go to the Ottawa Footy Sevens Website or drop us an e-mail.


All leagues are coed other than:
Men’s: Tuesdays and Sundays at Ben Franklin Dome, Fridays at Carleton U
Women’s: Thursday’s at Hornet’s Nest


South (Ben Franklin Dome): Tuesday and Sunday Men’s, Thursday and Sunday Coed,
East-end (Louis Riel and Hornet’s Nest): Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Sundays (all coed), Thursday Women’s
Carleton University: Monday Coed, Wednesday Coed, Friday Coed, Sunday Coed, Friday Men’s


Indoor Turf Venues: Louis Riel Dome, Hornet’s Nest & Ben Franklin. Sunday-Thursday Coed, Tuesday and Sunday Men’s, Thursday Women’s
Outdoor Turf Venues: Carleton University. Monday Coed, Wednesday Coed, Friday Coed, Sunday Coed, Friday Men’s

Game Length:

60 minute: Monday Coed (Carleton),  Tuesday Men’s, Wednesday Coed (Carleton), Thursday Coed, Thursday Women’s Friday Coed, Friday  and Sunday Men’s, Friday Coed.
90 Minutes: Sunday-Wednesday Louis Riel Dome, Sunday Coed (Carleton)

Price per team (excluding HST)

$800 or less: Sunday – Wednesday Coed 90s at Louis Riel/Hornet’s Nest, Tuesday and Sunday Men’s, Thursday Coed, Thursday Women’s, Sunday Coed at Ben Franklin
$850 or more: (all at Carleton U) Monday Coed, Wednesday Coed, Friday Coed, Friday Men’s, Sunday Coed 90s

Game Format:

All leagues are SEVEN-a-side soccer 
Updated July 25th 2014.

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