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Bribe the ref, Kicking Cancer's Butt 5
Regular sized notes also accepted!

Only 2 weeks away from this year’s Kicking Cancer’s Butt Charity Soccer Tournament and we’re starting to prepare for the big weekend. We have 26 teams already registered and have space to add a few more: contact chris@ottawafootysevens or go to the Footy Sevens website for details or registration. We’ll also have a a cafeteria providing pizza, snacks and drinks for everyone thanks to the tireless efforts of Dave Walls and the generous sponsorship of Nadia Cheff of Keller Williams. Dave is also organising individual teams for the tournament and he can be contacted by clicking on his name. And of course, no Kicking Cancer’s Butt tournament would be complete without Bribe the Ref!
During any Kicking cancer’s Butt tournament, bribing the ref is not only allowed, it is actively encouraged! And as with all the teams fees, donations and cafeteria purchases, every single penny goes the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. The tournament has raised over $37,000 for the ORCF over the past 4 years.
Each bench will have a “Bribe the Ref” card next to it, and all teams can hold up the card at any time during the game, hand the ref a $5 or $10 donation to the ORCF and the ref will immediately stop play and award them a penalty. He can’t guarantee you’ll score it (you’d have to bribe the goalie for that) but he will definitely award it.

  • Teams are limited to a maximum of one penalty per game, and can bribe the ref during any game before the quarter finals.
  • Any bribes played during the first half of the game will cost a minimum $5 donation and any in the second half of the game cost you a minimum of $10.
  • There are no bribes allowed in the last 5 minutes of a game.

In the past 4 years you corrupt, wonderful people have raised over $2000 in bribes for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. We’ve seen teams buy penalties to win or tie games, teams buying back a penalty immediately after their opponents have scored, buying them to give players who don’t usually score a chance at a goal, and even some sporting teams buying them for the opposition to give them a chance to score. And of course some people just bought them for the sheer bloody pleasure of being allowed to cheat!
Click on Footy Sevens website   for full details and registration or e-mail
Kicking Cancer's Butt Tournament 2014

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