2014 Ottawa Footy Sevens Spring/Summer League Line-Up

Ottawa Footy Sevens Spring Leagues
Registration for Spring 2014 opens Monday March 17th
Ottawa Footy Sevens will be opening registration for our spring soccer leagues at 8.30am on Monday March 17th 2014. It’s always our busiest day of the year and our captains are always chomping at the bit to get their team registered for their spring and summer soccer: last year our Sunday league at Carleton sold out in a record breaking 90 minutes!
This summer will see the return of most of last year’s spring and summer league options as well as some great new options for Spring and/or Summer 2014. We would love to be able to give you the full program of what we have to offer, but we won’t put it online until we have confirmations and contracts from our various venues.
New Midweek Outdoor Leagues Available
Spring and Summer 2014 will usher in a new era for Footy Sevens as, for the first time, we will be offering a 7-day a week outdoor league program as well as our existing indoor midweek and weekend indoor and outdoor program. It’s obviously a very exciting prospect for us and we have a fantastic new venue lined up in central Ottawa. However we cannot reveal the venue or league dates yet. We’ll have the details posted online as soon as we possibly can. Not only will we have some fantastic new venues on offer, some of our old favourites will be seeing an upgrade from last summer.
Upgrades at Existing Venues
The renovation of the stadium at Carleton University is complete and last year’s building site has been replaced by the smart new stand, making it a great venue for any level of soccer. Another of our most popular venues will be seeing an even more significant upgrade: the field at the Louis Riel Dome will be replaced with a brand new turf, upgrading the much loved but aging playing surface to the latest and greatest generation of turf.
We hope to have all of our leagues confirmed by March 17th, but don’t worry about registering for something and us then announcing something else. Whenever we announce a new league, we always give captains who have already registered in another league that season a one week-window to switch to the new league if it is a better fit for their team.
Men’s, Women’s, Old-Timer, 11-a-side Soccer & Ultimate
With more venues and evenings available this year, we’re looking forward to being able to offer even more choice in Ottawa’s largest coed soccer program, as well as having the opportunity to expand our offerings in other areas. As well as an expanded men’s, women’s and 11-a-side league program, we’re also looking into the addition of Old Timers/Over 35s leagues and even branching off into another sport with Ultimate high on the list.
If you are a captain of a men’s, women’s, 11-a-side, Old Timers or Ultimate team, drop us an e-mail at admin@ottawafootysevens.com and let us know which evening and part of the city you would be most interested in playing in and we’ll take it into account when allocating our field time for Spring and summer 2014. This a chance to have an influence on finding a league at a perfect time and place for your team, so please let us know.
Thanks for a great Winter Season
Thank you all for your continued participation over the Fall and Winter season and for making us the biggest winter soccer league in the city. It’s been another incredible year for us, and we appreciate the patience some of you showed during the delay in the opening of the Ottawa U dome. Now that it’s up and running, it’s a great venue, but no one likes to miss their footy for even a few weeks!
Stay tuned to our blog over the next few weeks as we’ll be revealing all of our league offerings as soon as we have confirmed dates and times in our hands. The first one will be on our ever popular Carleton University Sunday and Friday Coed league, with the other leagues to follow as soon as the details are available.
Other Leagues and Tournaments:
We’ve also got our annual Kicking Cancer’s Butt Charity tournament coming up in late May and spring and summer Volleyball leagues available at Ottawa Volley Sixes.
Remember, registration opens on Monday March 17th and you can register or find full details over at the Ottawa Footy Sevens website or you can e-mail us at admin@ottawafootysevens.com
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